The scientific-theoretical collection of "Architecture, history of urban plan¬ning and restoration" of the International Academy of Architecture of Eastern Co¬unt¬ries was founded in 1998. It is published twice a year. The journal publishes ar¬tic¬les devoted to scientific research in the field of history and theory of arc¬hi¬tec¬ture, restoration, urban planning, landscape architecture, design of the architectural en¬vironment, art history, carried out in our republic and abroad.
In the scientific-theoretical collection "Architecture, history of urban plan¬ning and restoration" of IAAEC articles are published in Azerbaijani, Russian and Eng¬lish. The manuscript of the article should be compiled on a computer in the edi¬tor Microsoft Word in Azerbaijani, Russian and English, in Times New Roman font, size 14, with an interval of 1.5, on an A4 sheet. The length of the article sho¬uld not be less than 6 pages. Alignment to page width; transfers are automatic. Page margins: left - 2 cm; right - 2 cm; top - 3 cm; bottom - 1.5 cm.
At the beginning of the article, the UDC index of the article, the author's na¬me and surname, the name of the institution where he works, position, academic tit¬le and degree, e-mail address, then the title of the article, 5-10 keywords in the lan¬guage in which the article is written should be given. At the end of the article, sci¬entific novelty, practical significance and conclusions should be clearly in¬di¬ca¬ted in accordance with the nature of the scientific field and article. Tables should be placed directly inside the article. Data cannot be repeated in an article or on a tab¬le. Drawings and graphs should not exceed 8-10 cm. At the bottom of the figure and above the table, it should be noted their name and number.
At the end of the article, after the references, a summary of the article should be given:
• the language of the article is Azerbaijani - summary in English and Russian
• the language of the article is English - summary in Azerbaijani and English
• the language of the article is Russian - summary in English and Azerbaijani
And keywords in these languages. Summaries in different languages should be the same and correspond to the content of the article. Summaries must be prepared st¬rictly scientifically and grammatically.

References (titles of books and magazines) should be given in the fol¬lowing order:

1. Surname and initials of the author. Book title. Volume number. City, pub¬lis¬her name, year of publication, total number of pages;
2. Surname and initials of the author. Title of the article // title of the journal, year of publication, issue number, start and end pages.

The structure of the article.

• Name and surname of the author.
• The name of the institution in which he works, position, scientific title and academic degree, honorary title (or the name of the institution where he is a doctoral student or dissertation candidate, form of study);
•E-mail address of the author.
• Title of the article with capital letters.
• UDC index of the article.
• A brief summary of the article in the language in which it is written and keywords (5-10).
• The text of the article.
• List of cited or used literature.
• Brief summary in two other languages with the name of the author and title of the article and keywords (5-10).

The article should consist of the following parts:

• Introduction
• Statement of a question
• Solution of the problem
• Conclusion (scientific novelty, practical significance and economic benefit of the work in accordance with the nature of the scientific field and article, etc.)
• References

Submission of an article to the editor:

• The printed manuscript of the article (in one copy) and its electronic ver¬si¬on on a CD or CD-RW along with the corresponding documents (two re-vi¬ews for the article and an extract from the minutes of the meeting of the or¬ga-ni¬za¬tion (or department)), approved by the institution for the publication of the article app¬roved by the editorial board, must be submitted to the executive secretary of the journal:
• The author's personal data is attached on a separate sheet. The qu¬es¬ti-on¬na¬ire must contain the name, patronymic and surname of the author, position, sci¬en¬ti¬fic degree, academic title, name of the institution, address of the institution, home add¬ress, e-mail address and telephone number.
• The article can be sent to the journal's website:
• If necessary, the editorial board of the journal may request additional do¬cu¬men¬ts for publication of the article.
• The manuscript of the article and CD will not be returned.